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Priima Academy.
High quality online courses for getting the most out of Priima.

In addition to an excellent Helpdesk and Help Center, our customers can get to know Priima better with the help of free Priima Academy. Priima users get useful tips and ideas on how to use Priima learning mana-gement system and its different features. Do you want to try out Priima and see how it looks like? You can register to our public Priima Academy below. Please note that Academy content is in Finnish at the moment.


Learn Priima in Priima.

It’s easy to review things that your team went through in implementation training and learn more about new features with the help of Academy. You can study whenever it suits your schedule. Introducing Priima to organization’s new Priima admins and trainers is also easier with Priima Academy.

Just like Priima LMS, Academy also develops strongly based on customer needs and feedback. This means everyone can wish for new content that would be helpful for them. Every Academy course has a feedback form and you can always contact the Priima Academy team as well.

If your organization already has Priima but you don’t have an account to Academy, please contact us.


Priima Academy Live

We organize free Live webinars around twice a month that anyone can join. This is a great way to hear freshest Priima news from us, what new features have been published and how you can actually use them.

We can also learn from each other in Priima Academy Live webinars. Our customers pop in from time to time to tell how they use Priima in their own trainings.

Anyone can join the webinars but you need to sign up beforehand. You can find more detailed information regarding each webinar and the sign up form from our Events and News page.


Check out previous Live webinar recordings below (in Finnish).