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Users can create different portfolios in depending on their needs. has been used to create comprehensive development portfolios as well as show case portfolios. It can be utilised as a part of a thesis work and for documenting work placement. Tools for employment purposes can also be found in the service. Read more

kyvyt ohjaus is a learning platform where teachers, careers counsellors and work placement counsellors can support, guide and assess their students or trainees. Because of its openness, is an excellent platform for guiding work placement as work placement mentors as well as teachers and students can access the platform. The openness also supports the cooperation between educational institutions and makes it possible to run projects in a common online environment. Read more

kyvyt aloitussivu is an ePortfolio environment that users can continue using for free even after graduation. This makes it possible to keep developing and maintaining the ePortfolio in the future for work purposes or for postgraduate studies. is a safe and reliable tool for saving and utilising user’s competencies and skills throughout their life. Read more

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