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Become a trusted Open Badge issuer. Issue and manage badges anywhere and anytime. Integrate the service with your platform and manage badges easily in one place. Issue badges with badge applications. Reach your badge earners with branded messages. Track the badges you issue and evaluate their value.

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Open Badge Factory has a comprehensive set of tools for creating, issuing and managing Open Badges. Open Badge Factory is what your organisation needs if you are planning on designing and managing a meaningful, consistent and sustainable badge system that will build your reputation over time!
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Organisations can manage their Open Badges in one place but issue badges via different platforms like learning management systems with the help of the international cloud service Open Badge Factory. We have plugins for example for Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, LearnDash, Mahara, Moodle, Optima, Totara LMS and WordPress.
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Our Open Badge Factory customers come from various different sectors from over 80 different countries: companies, educational institutions, associations and NGO’s. There are multiple different ways to use Open Badges and to issue them and you can read more about this from our customer stories. Information regarding features, service levels and prices can be found at
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