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Receive Open Badges easily. Manage your badges in one place and share them online. Create miniportfolio pages with your badges and use them for example for employment purposes. Follow other users and see what kind of badges people are earning all over the world.

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Open Badge Passport is a free cloud based platform for badge earners. Registration to the service happens either with a LinkedIn or Facebook account or by creating a new user account. All badges issued with Open Badge Factory will go straight to the badge earner’s Open Badge Passport account, which makes receiving Open Badges easier than before. It’s possible to receive badges to Open Badge Passport from all issuers that support the Open Badges standard. Registration can be done at
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Users can create portfolio pages for free with the service and use their Open Badges in creating them. Users can also add pictures, text and links to the pages so they can be used for multiple different purposes. With the help of Open Badges, creating and sharing your own portfolio is easy and fun!
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Open Badge Passport has users from all over the world. The Gallery area is great for finding out what kind of badges people are earning all over the world. As a social media service, it’s possible to follow other users and create a network with people that have similar badges with each other.

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