Denstal Ltd.

Denstal Ltd offers comprehensive vocational further education and in-service training for oral healthcare staff all over Finland. Their target groups are different profession groups, associations, private companies and employers from the private and public sectors. Denstal also offers courses customised for the customer.


Denstal’s target was to dispose the use of printed lecture copies so that the participants could read them online and then print them out if they needed to. It was also in their plans to start offering online courses. They wanted to make studying more learner centric and not to rely so much on time and place.

Denstal was ready to put effort in the deployment phase because they believed the platform would eventually reduce the workload when things became automated and available online. Their wish was also that the platform would make it possible to collect feedback related to training, create and load videos and use a common login for multiple users at the same time. Because of their demands, they questioned whether they would find a platform versatile enough to cover their needs.

Emmi Mäkinen, koulutusssuunnittelija, Denstal Ltd. Emmi Mäkinen, Training Designer, Denstal Ltd.


Denstal started to use Optima in summer 2015. Optima was able to provide answers to the needs that Denstal expressed in their wish list. The service’s deviant pricing model made Denstal hesitate at first but after looking at it more closely it was noticed to be very reasonable considering their needs. Denstal has also practiced the use of the service on their own after the implementation process and training and if they’ve faced a challenge they’ve received a solution quickly from the helpdesk. Denstal actually praises Discendum’s helpdesk for being easy to reach.

Present and Future

There are two online courses running in Denstal’s Optima at the moment and it is also utilised as a supporting tool for face-to-face training and for sharing materials. Participant feedback is also collected through Optima. This has eased the workload and expenses when there is no longer the need to pack and print out materials. In the future, Denstal would like to make it possible for participants to create a competence-based portfolio and ease the sending of certificates.

The end users have mainly thought that the use of Optima is smooth and they have also appreciated the possibilities the service has provided. The feedback related to user experience and how to further develop it has been forwarded to the development team of Optima.

“Our goal is to be able to organise even more vocational further education courses online in the future.” Emmi Mäkinen, Denstal’s Training Designer concludes.

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