Saimaa Vocational College

Saimaa Vocational College, Sampo, offers vocational education for adults and young people as well as training and development services for organisations. Sampo raises qualified multi-taskers: the cooperation between different vocational sectors and the possibilities of different learning paths help each of their student to find their own path. There are around 4,200 students and 470 staff members in Sampo.


Kati Minkinen, lecturer, first started to use ePortfolio service with Juha Kiukas, a teacher from the business sector. Minkinen has previously used when she was studying to become a teacher and she did assignments regarding her studies with the help of the service. “I had positive experiences about the service and wanted to start using with our own students as well” Kati explains.


So was utilised in Sampo back in 2010 and all of the staff was informed about the new tool. The implementation project was done with a group of graduate students and it went smoothly without bigger challenges. This group of students did their final project to A year later, all specialisation students did their final project to the ePortfolio service.

Kati has also seen the development of as she has been using the service for years.

Kati Minkkinen lecturer, SAMPO Kati Minkkinen lecturer, SAMPO

“It is easy and clear for students to use the service. Usually we use the page / pages, portfolio page and CV features.”

In Sampo’s Social and Health Care sector, final projects are done with They’ve wanted that the service would be utilised within new students right when they start their studies when it would be easier to store their development and make their skills and competencies more visible. Unfortunately this hasn’t become a reality with all students.

The most challenging part has been to make the students understand and to become motivated about creating their own portfolio and how to use the service in a comprehensive way right from the beginning. “After the confusion and suspicion, some excellent productions have been made” Kati explains. She sees a lot of benefits in using the service: different ways to learn and work, more meaningful things to do, modern tools, students produce more colourful and lively materials.

Present and Future

Kati hopes that would be utilised right from the beginning when a new student starts their journey in Sampo and recommends other operators in the educational area to start using the ePortfolio service as well. “I personally have very positive experiences regarding Also, students’ feedback has been positive and they like to document their final projects to” Kati concludes.

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