More than an online learning platform!

One environment, multiple ways to use. Grows with your company – utilise piece by piece. All tools for developing competencies in one package. Track staff’s learning in real time. International product development community and an extensive partner network.
Discendum is a Platinum Partner of Totara Learn.

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Totara Learn is an online learning platform developed for the needs of companies. The platform can also be branded. Create and track online as well as face-to-face training. Solve the training needs of your staff and partners with one environment. Read more

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Totara Learn is being used in a versatile way among our business customers. The biggest strengths of the platform are comprehensive reporting as well as the ability to offer both compulsory training and renewable certifications. The management of online learning and face-to-face training happens easily in the same platform. The platform is being used for both learner centric and company led development of competencies. Read more

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Totara Learn is also able to support HR – it’s possible to build development discussions, create learning plans and set goals. Companies can use the 360-feedback and hear what kind of feedback is given by other team members or even by third parties. Read more

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